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30 minutes - $Free

Not everyone is suitable for microblading as there are so many factors to be considered. During consultation, we will go through your medical history and skin condition. If everything sounds good, then we will explain to you everything about microblading and it's procedure. Once you understand everything, there will be forms/contracts to sign.

*After consultation once you're ready to book, we will require you to pay $150 (non-refundable) as a deposit to confirm your microblading appointment. You can pay by using Visa, Mastercard, Cash, Afterpay or Laybuy.

Microblading Eyebrows

Up to 3 hrs - $600

It includes 2nd session for touch-up as well after 4 weeks.

Touch-up Microblading within 3 months

Up to 2 hrs- $150

*For existing clients only, touch-up date is counted from your last session with us.

Touch-up Microblading between 3-6 months

Up to 2 hrs- $250

*For existing clients only, touch-up date is counted from your last session with us.

Touch-up Microblading between 6 months - 1 year

Up to 2.5 hrs- $350

*For existing clients only, touch-up date is counted from your last session with us.

Touch-up Microblading after 1 year but within 2 years

Up to 3 hrs- $450

*For existing clients only, touch-up date is counted from your last session with us.

Microblading after 2 years considered as new treatment

Up to 3 hrs - $600

It includes 2nd session for touch-up as well after 4 weeks.

terms & conditions

Late Arrival/ No Show/ Cancelation Policy

Penalty fee

A grace period of 15 minutes will be permitted for unforeseen delays a client may encounter while traveling to our location for their appointment, if client doesn't show up he/she will be considered a "No Show". A “No Show” is a client who fails to appear for a scheduled appointment without providing a 24 hour cancellation notice.  Further, a rescheduled appointment that is less than the 24 hour cancellation notice is still considered a cancellation and is treated as such. And your deposit made now will be forfeit and used as a "No Show" penalty fee.

COVID19 Disclaimer:

For everyone's safety

No Vaccine pass required, but you will be required to wear a mask covering your mouth and nose at all times while inside the salon, and can only be removed during treatments when required.


For everyone's safety

To prevent cross contamination and disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of a cosmetic semi-permanent makeup performed using, a manual (not a machine) disposable handheld tool, composed with very fine needles resembling the shape of a blade (we call it a microblade), to hand draw each individual hair and simultaneously implant the pigment into the skin.

How Microblading is done?

Each new hair stroke that is drawn by an artist is meant to simulate the client natural eyebrows hair and seamlessly blend it with the client existing brows to add color and fullness resulting in a very natural look. Our Microblading process ensures that we design a customized shape, look, and feel that complements your face and your personality.

Who is Microblading for?

Microblading is an ideal solution for clients who have patchy, thin, or uneven eyebrows and are looking for the most natural looking results. However, not everyone is a candidate for microblading and there are different elements to consider such as skin condition and health. Microblading is most suitable for clients with normal skin and small pores. Oil in the skin can cause the Microblading hair-stroke to expand and blur so the less oily the client skin is, the better the result would be. At Mit Beauty & Body Care, we have very strict guidelines that we follow to decide who is a good candidate for microblading and who should avoid microblading!.

How many session do I need for a new set of microbladed eyebrows?

A new set of Microbladed eyebrows takes two appointments to complete. The technique and art of microblading is very delicate and for this reason it needs two visits to ensure that all the strokes are evenly saturated with pigment. The second appointment is called a complementary touchup and takes place 4 to 6 weeks after the initial appointment after the pigments settled into the skin. In this complementary touchup, the artist makes any needed adjustments and ensures each hair-stroke has even color.

How do I maintain my new microbladed brows?

Touch-up requirements may vary from clients to client but we recommend yearly touchup, after the initial complementary touchup, to maintain the crispness and freshness of the color. Natural fading occurs from external factors such as exposure to the sun as well as internal factors such as the gradual break down of pigments as your body metabolizes it out of your system. Everyone can experience the fading process differently and it really comes down to skin type and lifestyle.

Why Microblading or Microblading + Shading?

Having thin, uneven, or patchy eyebrows, can be challenging. Spending countless hours in front of the mirror, feeling insecure, trying to fix them will make your head spin. Going out at night and worrying if they got smudged or out of place can make you feel hesitant and unsure.

That's why getting microblading at Mit Beauty & Body Care can be a life-changing moment - it can put an end to this vicious cycle and liberate you from the chains of imperfect brows!

How long does it take to heal? & What is the recovery time?

Brows will take about 4- 6 weeks until they reach their final look. But it only takes 2 weeks for scabbing process to complete. After 2 weeks you can return to normal routine and activities.

Who is suited for this procedure?

Clients with normal skin are perfect candidates for microblading, not too oily or sensitive. We will sometimes suggest Combo brows for client’s with moderately oily skin. We will assess your eyebrows and skin by asking you a few questions during consultation and based on your answers we will recommend Microblading or Combo brows.

Who is not candidate for Microblading?

Anyone with oily skin. Oily skin will cause the hairstrokes to become thicker over time. The oil in the skin causes the pigment underneath the skin to disperse.

Pre-procedure advice?

- Please do not drink alcohol 24 hours prior to the treatment.

- Unless medically necessary, please avoid taking things that thin the blood like fish oils, herbals ,Vitamin E, Aspirins or Ibuprofen.

- Where possible, try to avoid the following herbs and spices prior to your appointment: Black pepper, Cardamom, any member of the Zingiberaceae (Ginger) family, Cayenne, Cinnamon, Garlic, Horseradish, Mustard.

- Please do not shape or wax your brows before the procedure. Your technician will shape brows during the procedure, if required.

- No electrolysis for at least 5 days before the procedure.

- Botox, AHA products and retinoids should be avoided for 4 weeks prior to the procedure.

- Exfoliating treatments such as microdermabrasion should not be performed within 2 weeks prior to procedure.

- Chemical and laser peels should be avoided no less than 6 weeks prior to procedure.

- Patients prone to cold sores/ fever blisters should take an anti-viral prior to treatment.

- Hormone therapies can affect pigmentation and/or cause sensitivity.

- Discontinue use of any brow-growth serums like Latisse, as it can cause sensitivity/affect pigment.

Aftercare instruction?

- Avoid getting anything on the brows, including water, except for cleansing as directed. For the first day after your procedure, please gently blot your brows every hour, using sterile gauze and a little bit of bottled/ distilled water, to remove any excess lymph fluids. You can set an alarm on your phone to help remind you. This is very important to minimise scabbing and allow for better pigment retention!

- Cleansing: In 2-3 hours, wash lightly with slightly damp Q-tips and antibacterial soap. Repeat this washing, very gently every morning and night. When washing, it should be very gentle and with hardly any water and with a tapping motion, no rubbing. Please avoid saturating brows with water.

- Do not pick or rub the brows
. The scabs/ flakes must fall off on their own or you will risk removing the colour and possibly scarring.

- Do not soak the treated area in the bath, pool or hot tub. For 30 days, refrain from swimming in salt water or chlorinated pools, saunas, hot yoga, steam rooms or sun beds.

- No exercise for 14 days. After that- when exercising, wear a sweatband to avoid sweat on brow area.

- Do not expose treated area to direct sunlight. After healed (30 days), use a sunscreen to avoid fading from the sun.

- No makeup should be applied directly on the brows during the healing process. After the brows have healed (14 days, OR after the scab/skin flakes off) you may wear brow makeup at that time.

- No other products should touch the brows during healing, other than antibacterial soap.

- Do not touch, rub, pick or scratch your brows following treatment or during healing process.

- You may find that your eyebrows will scab or become slightly dry following the treatment. If they itch, DO NOT SCRATCH them. You may tap them to alleviate the itch.

- If your eyebrows get wet during the healing process, pat them dry with a towel, DO NOT RUB.

- Avoid using daily skincare products directly on the eyebrows.

- If you are planning a chemical peel, or any other medical procedure, please inform therapist of the procedure you have had. Procedure should only be done once the healing process is complete.

- If you are due to give blood after the procedure, please inform your nurse about the microblading  treatment you have had as this might alter the results.

Healing journey may look like this.

The following is a potential journey of what you may experience over the next 4-6 weeks, It is important to remember that not everyone experiences each of these:

Day 1-7
Your eyebrows will become darker and darker as the pigment and lymph oxidises. You will think and may even regret having your brows done at this point. They may even look like they are too big, or not even. This is normal.

Day 7-14
The relief moment and a thought of "that's more like it !” You may also have some crusting/flaking starting to form.

Day 14-21
"Where on earth have my eyebrows gone? It hasn't worked!” During this time, your healing skin cells are opaque or see-through. With that, you can't actually see the pigment that was implanted. This is normal and the colour will reappear.

Day 21-28
Aha, there they are! And yes, they do need a touch up! having a few hair-strokes missing or parts of hair-strokes missing is quite normal. You can lose up to 40% of your colour and/or strokes between your first and second treatment.

Day 28-42
We refresh your brows or do the second treatment. This will go through the same healing process as above. We don't treat every single hair-stroke, so during the healing cycle your eyebrows can appear very patchy.